Mary C.

Santa Clarita, CA

5.0 star rating 11/19/2016

Bonnie Keith of Video Magic deserves at least 10 stars because she does the work of at least 2 people capturing every moment you hope for and more!

My dear friends planned a beautiful retirement event for me, sharing that it would be like a wedding. I knew they were trying to locate people who had mentored me and the already-retired family of friends that I was missing. At the last minute, I realized that this wonderful grouping of people that I love had to be captured on video!!

There were no videographers when I got married; I would not miss the chance to have this event recorded.

Bonnie was referred to me by friends in the photo business whom I trusted.

Bonnie met and exceeded all expectations! She captured things I would never have seen, like the beauty of the grounds before the guests arrived. Like all the special and meaningful care in decorating the tables and the room.

But what you don’t expect and can’t imagine until you see the final product, is the excitement and joy of being there, the laughter, the personality of your party with the people who share the love in your heart!

The final product is worth its weight in gold! I don’t know how she knew what was most important to me, but she captured it all without us even having met. And she’s everywhere, as if she has 3 or 4 cameras getting different views of all your guests.

But, the real magic is when she edits the final product. It’s like a rose blossom opening, until you’ve experienced your event completely (things you hadn’t seen, conversations you hadn’t heard), you can’t really sense the full beauty of its fragrance.

Do the one thing you’ll be grateful for and call Bonnie Keith to capture your memories.

Jenny B. wrote:

Corte Madera, CA

5.0 star rating 7/26/2014


Bonnie Keith has to be the one person I have met as a business owner who deserves a five star review.

I’m confident that in school she was voted, “Most likely to succeed and get 5 star reviews”.

This review has been a long time coming. My overwhelming feelings of complete satisfaction and appreciation for Bonnie have caused me many attempts at how best to tell the world about her.

There is absolutely no question about her raw talent and dedication to what she does. To call her a videographer is demeaning and inaccurate.

Is she phenomenal with the camera? Absolutely, she’s the next Up and coming director of photography.

Is she an editor so precise and intuitive that her ability to capture not only what is seen at an event but the feelings and mood?

For sure, more so than Oliver Stone directing Django.

I grew up with a father as a director/cameraman..worked with prestigious companies in film like Miramax, Disney, and Universal. I know who is good and who is brilliant.

She Is BRILLIANT. When I say talented, I acknowledge she was born with this ability to intuitively see the bigger picture of situations, deeply empathize and care about capturing all sensory dynamics of the event.

Bonnie’s raw talent is not just that. She took this talent and has harnessed, honed, and worked tirelessly (and still does) to improve herself, perfect her skills, and listen to what a family, couple, person, or event coordinator is looking for.

I know %100 that when she presents her finished product and historical film from your event, you will be transported back to the emotion, joy, real ness, and essence of the day in addition to components you never realized were happening in the periphery.

The film you receive will be far beyond any expectation and even her own communication of what to expect.

When I received a small clip to present to my mom for Mothers Day ( which I compensated her for as everyone should give her all of their money in sheer appreciation), she willingly and extraordinarily went out of her way to accommodate and understand the personal importance.

I didn’t last 1 minute without bawling my eyes out walking down the Tarmac of Portland International Airport. I am not one to cry at all, much less in public. Yet I was so overwhelmed by what was captured and featured that I couldn’t help feeling physically and emotionally moved.

I called her immediately and said……

“You could have warned me that it would be so touching and that I would burst into tears”

We laughed together and I hope I adequately conveyed how much respect, admiration, and appreciation I have for Bonnie as a kind and caring person, but also as one of the most talented artists I have seen.

Talent isn’t always about the finished product. It is truly about understanding what product to present, knowing yourself, and not releasing it until you have driven it to perfection.

Lastly, her ability to bring forward her internal self, her care of humanity, and her empathy and perception makes her the true Artist.

YOU WILL WISH YOU COULD GIVE HER A MILLION BUCKS because she will give you your film and you will feel like a million bucks!!



Laurel D. wrote:

Santa Clarita, CA

Follow Laurel D.

5.0 star rating 10/16/2014

I discovered Bonnie on Yelp, and did not believe she’d help me because my need was so tiny, and I assumed she only wanted larger jobs. How wrong I was. Bonnie converted my ancient VHS home movies to DVD format for a very reasonable price. And because I saw and met the person doing the converting (the very personable Bonnie!), I was assured that she cared. Why would I send a priceless VHS tape through the mail (or to a service that will snail mail it anyway) when I could give it to a real live person who will actually be doing the converting? Bonnie even made sure her equipment captured everything on the VHS. Apparently there was a dead zone on the tape that alerted the computer system that the rest of the tape was blank. But Bonnie double-checked everything and didn’t just rely on the computer, so that all the contents of the video was on the DVD. Her work ensured that I had a very successful and fun family reunion.


Sarah P.-dentist

Santa Clarita, CA

5.0 star rating 9/29/2013 Updated review

You have to work with Bonnie. She has so much energy and full of life that it really helps you feel at ease in front of the camera. That is not an easy thing to do. We were able to get several videos done and since I do have anytime for helping, I put all my trust in her. Bonnie really has a gift of editing your videos! She was able to get the best in short videos for your business. She is reasonably priced and has high tech equipment with lighting. Her experience with acting and her love for people, makes her the best. I will definitely work with her again on upcoming projects.

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