Meet Bonnie Keith – Speaker & On Camera Acting Coach

Bonnie Keith shares her expertise as a professional actress where she appeared on TV to stage where she now speaks about how to leverage video to empower you and your business, and build a legacy you can be proud of.

Bonnie has been working in the video industry for over 35 years and was actually a pioneer in that field back in the late 70’s.  With the experience she has both in front of and behind the camera, Bonnie is a wealth of information.

Her approach is practical and creative. She will speak about how best to create videos that will impact and convert. She will discuss the ways of helping you overcome any fear you have of the camera. She will speak on video topics ranging from the inception of the idea for a video all the way to publishing and marketing that video.

Bonnie’s approach to video creation is that of movie making. Every video, no matter the topic, MUST tell a story and have an emotional impact on the audience. Bonnie will help you understand the ways to achieve this as well as grasping the importance of video in your business marketing.

Bonnie is also an on-camera video coach. When working with Bonnie, you will learn to relax in front of the camera and allow your                                                                  true message and inner essence to come through. When viewers relate to and engage with your story, they will feel a connection                                                                 and be much more likely to do business with you.                             

                                                           Book Bonnie today for a speaking engagement or a video consultation.

Topics for Presentation:

The 5 VIDEO Secrets Every Business Must Know

Video is the Highest Converting, Most Client Producing, Traffic Generating Activity You MUST Have in Your Business TODAY!

Today, video is no longer an accessory, it is a necessity to your business marketing plans. By 2019, video will account for 80% of all Internet traffic. This is why I want to help you move your business forward with good video production so you can gain a strong online presence, get greater exposure, and outshine your competition!

You’ll Learn…..
> Why video is so essential today and what it’s costing you NOT to have it
> How sharing, not selling is the new brand of business growth
> To create videos that will have an impact on your target audience and turn them into rabid fans and active buyers
> The ways that a video can be more than just a “talking head”
> What to look for in a videographer and how to choose the Right one for you.

How Video Must be Constructed to be Effective

Bonnie Keith, Your Video Pro, will teach us what elements a video should include to attract, engage and convert your target market. She will share how video can be fun, enlightening and effective in your online marketing strategy.

> How to Overcome Fear of Being on Camera
> What it Takes to Create a Simple and Effective 60-second Video Promo
> Elements Needed to Attract, Engage and Convert Your Target Market
> What to Look for in a Videographer

Here is an example of the results you will get when working with Bonnie Keith as your Video Coach


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