Program :  Video Pro Business Boost

This service: Focuses on Web Site Videos


Pre-Shoot Consultation and Questionnaire:

  • We get your video concept, what you are wanting the viewer to feel or do as a result of watching your video.

Private 1:1 Video Session:

  • 90 hour video recording on location or in-studio.

Multiple Camera Angles:

  • 2 cameras are used to ensure you get a variety of close ups and angles.

Provide teleprompter and training at studio:

  • In studio teleprompter guides you through your script.

3 fully edited videos:

  • 1 – Welcome to your site
  • 2 – Program introduction
  • 3 – Landing page or video tip 

Professional Editing:

Each video is fully edited to professional results.

  • Custom video Intro to set tone of your brand
  • Custom video Outro built for clear call to actions
  • Music selected for impact and appeal
  • Titling/Graphics to frame content and provide interest
  • Add your logo to communicate your message clearly and promote brand

Professional Photography Session:

Photo session to capture new website photos (6 photos provided) to improve online image as well

Script Approval and Enhancement:

  • We will provide assistance with script writing so your message flows and gets you the best results.

Video Upload and Delivery:

  • We will post your videos to Youtube and Vimeo, or whichever channel you require so they are ready for use. We can also just send you a download link so you can place where ever you like.


  • Hair/makeup
  • On Location filming
  • Green screen filming
  • 3rd Camera
  • Youtube transcription services
  • Voiceover

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