Program :  Video Pro ACCELERATOR

This service: Focuses on Custom Video Packages designed Just for YOU

Your Video Pro offers a wide variety of video services. These services range from corporate videos, training videos, employee orientation videos, staff introduction and welcome new employees videos, videos to capture your live event (can be a multi day shoot), product demos, “How TO” videos, “Did you Know” video series of tips, speaker reels (will film you speaking live at an engagement), special occasions/events/performance/parties or celebrations.


  • Discuss vision, concept, what they want viewer to feel/do at end of video), with professional acting background Bonnie will help you and your staff Relax in front of camera bringing the true essence and message of your business naturally and effectively.
  • 4 to 8 hours on location or in studio recording.

Multiple Camera Angles:

  • 2-4 cameras are used to ensure you get a variety of close ups and angles.
  • Bonnie will help direct and create the best recording¬† for visual impact.

Provide custom graphics and video editing:

  • Custom intro and outro using your own logo,
  • Custom graphics to created for event video.
  • Fully edited event session videos.
  • Posting event session videos to Youtube and Vimeo.

Each video is fully edited to professional results:

  • Included can be underlying music, custom video intro, logo and outro call to action and other custom graphics (such as sketch or whiteboard explainer videos) to help communicate your message clearly across to the viewer.

Script Approval and Enhancement:

  • We will provide assistance with script writing so your message flows and gets you the best results.

Video Upload and Delivery:

  • We will post your videos to Youtube and Vimeo, or whichever channel you require so they are ready for use. We can also just send you a download link so you can place where ever you like. You will also receive the original edited video files in .mp4 format on a USB Flash Drive.

Professional Editing:

Each video is fully edited to professional results.

  • Custom video Intro to set tone of your brand
  • Custom video Outro built for clear call to actions
  • Music selected for impact and appeal
  • Titling/Graphics to frame content and provide interest
  • Add your logo to communicate your message clearly and promote brand

Photography Session: Bonus

Photo session to capture new website photos (20 photos provided) to improve online image as well


  • Hair/makeup
  • On Location filming
  • Green screen filming
  • 5th Camera or more/additional videographers
  • Youtube transcription services
  • Voiceover




Event Promotional Video

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