Imagine Going from This… to This… in 15 minutes

Global Womens Summit – Speakers

Unique Pilates Instructor

Security Business

Montage for Dance School

Carpet and Flooring Retailer – Series

Dog Sitting Service

Local Moving Company

Realtor specializing in Seniors

Global Summit Excerpt

MB2 Car Racing & Parties

Special Events

Nana’s Banana Bread.
Baking Bread Demonstration

Roofing Company
Showing BEFORE and AFTER

Dentist Office
Filming Live Procedure at Dental Office

Variety of Quick Videos
for a Podiatrist in Bev Hills

Casi Ceramics Grand Opening

How To Eat A Cupcake

Vine to Wine live event


Golf Invitational Benefit


Music, Concerts and Performances

Special Occasions, Life Moments & Celebrations

Sports Recruiting and Training

Sports videos can be used as a tool for training and evaluation by coaches and their teams. Also as a sports recruiting tool to gain scholarship or to be viewed by Pro coaches.


On another note, Emily’s skills video from last year was a huge success for her.  She received a lot of feedback from college coached about how well it showcased her skills and was presented. Jessica my other softball player is at the stage where she’ll need one for her summer showcases.  You would be up for doing one for her?    by; Scott G. 4/14/15

Thank you SO much, dear Bonnie!!!!! I really appreciate how you got this out of me!!!!  I was SO scared, but you relaxed me (with a lie!– that the first take was just a rehearsal!!)
Eva Periman, CA

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